580 Stickers (Animate + Still) for Google Web Stories

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Create Good Looking Web Stories with Ease

Suppose you are a blogger and use Web Stories to create content. Don’t waste valuable time making or looking for icons or stickers online. This kit contains various commonly used stickers such as Icons, Callout, Shadow, Overlay Elements, Social, Background.., etc. What’s even better is lots of stickers are animated. [ Demo Link ]


Optimize for Web Stories

The perfect size is for Web Stories; no need to adjust after downloading.

  • Animated WebP: Create interesting web stories using animate stickers - Advanced WebP format for fast loading and better performance.
  • Optimize MP4: Video for shadow and background stickers. Reducing file weight: the right balance between quality and bandwidth.
  • Alpha PNG24: PNG file with the isolated sticker on a transparent background. Each PNG sticker has been optimized for fast loading.

Animate Background



How Many Stickers Are In The Kit?

There are a total of 580 stickers in the kit, divided into 10 categories as follows:

  1. Icon: 80 PNG, 240 animate WebP with 3 color variations (Color, Black, White), Total 320 stickers
  2. Overlay Elements: 25 PNG, 50 animate WebP with 2 color variations(Color, White), Total 75 stickers
  3. Arrow: 10 PNG, 30 animate WebP with 3 color variations (Color, Black, White), Total 40 stickers
  4. CallOut: 10 PNG, 20 animate WebP with 2 color variations (Color, White), Total 30 stickers
  5. Underline: 10 PNG, 10 animate WebP (Color), and Total 20 stickers (512×512)
  6. Social: 28 animate WebP (512×512)
  7. Shadow: 20 MP4 videos (1080×1920) / (720×1280)
  8. Background: 20 MP4 videos (1080×1920) / (720×1280)
  9. Divider: 12 PNG (2160×1920)
  10. Ink: 15 PNG (1080×1080)

How To Use Stickers?

Like using photos in WordPress, upload stickers to Media, then drag and drop them into web stories.

How To Find Stickers?

The sticker kit includes well-classified preview HTML pages for easy navigation.

Looping Overlay Elements

Video Background

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Add to your creative arsenal and make trendy Google Web Stories in minutes.

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580 Stickers (Animate + Still) for Google Web Stories

0 ratings
I want this!